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Can I buy domain and hosting from single provider?

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Can I buy domain and hosting from single provider?


I'd like to buy a new domain through "GO DADDY" and create my own affiliate website through "WordPress".
I've noticed that there is an option to buy the domain through "WordPress".

Should I buy both domain and hosting in "WordPress" while creating my website or should I buy the Domain and Hosting In "Go Daddy" and create the mapping of the domain in "WordPress"?

thanks for the help
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Hi Yaron,

You may choose to buy your domain name anywhere since there is no huge difference between these services. If you plan to host your site in Wordpress, I think it is better to get the domain in Wordpress as well. If not, then just get the domain somewhere else (like in Go Daddy).
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There is one big advantage in registering your domain separately from your hosting service. If you ever have a serious dispute with your host (and it does happen), you still retain control of/access to the nameserver, hence can rapidly move the site to a new host.
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