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Boxed Text Appear Off-Center

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Boxed Text Appear Off-Center

there is this green box name 'add center box' up the top beside 'abc (proof reading)' I have used this feature to add a box, however the words are rolling. For example:

'how are you doing today'

is represented in the box as

'how are y
ou doing t

how do i fix it?


ps. its not only the center box, the right, the left box also
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Could you please post here a link to your site, or maybe a screenshot of the error so we can look into it further?

Is that a widget or a plugin you're using to add the text? Is it on the sidebar?

I appreciate your patience and hope to hear from you soon. All the best!
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You have not provide enough information to solving your problem.I think there may be problem in your CSS or HTML portion.
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