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Best way to promote US and Uk products from Amazon

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Best way to promote US and Uk products from Amazon

Hi, Thanks to Affiloramas help I now have a wp site earning money, in a Google #1 position.
I promote only in a very narrow niche, following the advice on Matt Carters webinar, I want to promote items AND items but only show the appropriate ones to UK and US visitors. I have some pages reviewing each product, some pages explaining how the items work, advantages etc, some pages with related information and sales come from Amazon widgets in a single sidebar.

First I thought of using a subdomain for US and main domain for Uk but wouldn't this lead to duplicate content problems and ranking pages problems?

I thought of using categories but my products are shown in widgets in a sidebar , I tried "content aware sidebars" plugin but got hopelessly bogged down and it never worked properly.

I thought of using separate UK and US sidebars in a 3 column theme, instead of the current 2 column one, but it looked messy and was more confusing to read, The columns needed labelling or colouring to make it clear which products to click , all a bit distracting compared to the simple, easy and successful 2 col display. I am sure my clickthrough rate dropped when I tried this out.

If I try one of the visitor country detecting plug ins for instance as explained here is this reliable? How can I be sure it is displaying correctly in each country? It seems like quite some considerable work ( again ) so if you could advise before I start I would be most grateful

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Hi Andrew,

I think this is what you need or something similar to this-> ... erce.shtml

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Hi Andrew,

Have you tried using geo plugins to help you target your customers? You can find four of such geo plugins below:

4 WordPress Plugins for Geo Targeting

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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The website you have suggested is very informative. I’m sure this will be beneficial for traders who market products from UK and the U.S. through Amazon. I also find your ideas here effective.
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