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Best blog platform & hosting service?

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Best blog platform & hosting service?

I'm playing with the idea of building up a blog.
I read

Which are in your view good blog platforms and hosting services for affiliate marketing?

Thanks in advance!
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I'm asking about hosting services too, because I fear the chance of a platform hosting my blog and blocking or deleting it one day for whatever reason
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You can try Bluehost or GoDaddy. They are good in terms of uptime and support. As for the blogging platform, go with WordPress.
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I used GoDaddy, pretty good service, as for me. I see no other options to look for, everything suits me. :)
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I use Wealthy Affiliate. You can host up to 50 websites and it uses Amazon web services. My site is running as fast as it was on Hostgator Cloud Hosting.

There are other benefits too. You get access to a tech support team that answers your questions promptly. They usually answer my questions in minutes. And they fix my issue for me.

When I first started with them. I had been using Hostgator Cloud Hosting and the consultant in chat was meant to create a sub domain for me but somehow I ended up with a blank screen.

But luckily I had been backing up my blog with Updraft Plus, and I had joined Wealthy Affiliate as you can join for free. I wanted to know what it was about as I had seen people mention it on Twitter. Most of these people had a good amount of followers.

When I moved my blog to Wealthy Affiliate they had some trouble with Updraft as they could not restore my website from one back up but needed all the backups.

But they did manage to do it. You would have to be an expert in tech support to pull it off.

The benefits of hosting your website with Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate is that they have tech support teams that will help you with website issues.

If you get locked out of your account at Hostgator, you need to reset your password or chat to customer support to get them to reset your password.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you will never get locked out of your account unless you stop paying the membership fee. Even then they will store your website if you pay the membership fee at a late date. Your password is shown in your website portal and you click your log in button to get into your WordPress backend.

Wealthy Affiliate has a community of people that if you ask a question, someone in the community will answer it in a few minutes.

Affilorama is good that you can ask support about website issues and you will get an honest opinion on the issue you have queried.

What I have learned is that there is not one mentor that will help you. It is good to learn from a number of mentors. But don't rush in.
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I also recommend WordPress as a blogging platform.
You can find a thousand themes to personalise your website, so if you are newbie it would be definitely the best option for you.
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Platform: I tried nothing exotic and went with Wordpress.
I've read it's easy to manage and seo optimized for google search.
(I don't even know what that means...)
I just followed the herd on this one.
Now I'm staring at my dashboard and am going to klick a little around just in order to see what happens.

The only things I know: I have to fill up the "About us" section. Apparently that's seo-important;
I want a connection to the facebook page of the project the blog is dedicated to;
I need the posts to be split into several sections, every section being dedicated to a particular language.

Sometimes I'd like to be younger
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