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Best Amazon Web Site Builder?

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Best Amazon Web Site Builder?


Has anyone purchased and are using any automated Amazon web site building software? This can be either WP plugins or static sites. I am interested in promoting Amazon products again but I would like to automate it as much as possible.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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I do not know of any Amazon web site building software.

But theme wise, I have 2.

One is Covert Store Builder by Soren Jordansen while the other is Knightzon theme which you can check out at Warrior Forum Special Offer or WSO.

You can also check out my sites at and

They are built from Knightzon.
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Yes,Peter, I may have an answer to your question about a amazon website , check my website out by visiting if you would like more information you can visit and fill in the form and someone can answer your questions for you. Also when you go to the affiliate website you can scroll down and click the and you'll see my website again, if you like to see more products just click powered by amazon and .........there you are. Hope this was helpful!
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nick mcburney
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I have a site selling smart wear ( this site is built using ' Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin' <- this is a WP plugin available from

So far its been great, I can import products (images, title, content, categories etc), setup CRON jobs to keep prices upto date and the plugin comes with a theme also which is very handy. Hope this helps
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