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Automatically send new content to social bookmark sites?

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Automatically send new content to social bookmark sites?

Hi there,

This is my first post here. I really enjoy Mark's material, so I think I'll stick around this forum.

I'm building a bunch of blogs in Wordpress that will receive automatic original and targeted content from the Automatic article marketing tool and wanted to know if there is any way to send any new post on social bookmark sites without me having to add them myself.

I'm thinking of a tool where I would enter my credentials in advance for each social bookmark site and then when a new post gets on my blog, it gets posted to the sites with the first phrase of the article as the summary of the post on the social bookmark site.

Any ideas or tools on how to do this? Would this be too spammy and have any chance of backfiring on me even tough the content is practically original?

I don't want those blogs to get popular, but getting only a couple dozen visitors per day on each of them would make me happy, but without any back-link those sites wont ever be visited and the principal is to have this on auto-pilot and not having to post stuff myself to social bookmarks.

Also, any tool available to post a site on site directories automatically?

Thanks a lot in advance guys for your answers!
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You could use the following plugins for Twitter and FaceBook:

Twitter - WP Twitter plugin, FrendFeed and Tweet my Blog
Facebook - ... -FBConnect
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You could try looking for a wordpress plugin. There are a few of them that are available for free - just search in your Wordpress Plugins area.

It does take a while to sign up for all the sites manually.

Good luck!
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I recommend It supports a wide range of social networking sites. For list of networks that it can support, please go this link: . You may use a Wordpress plugin for integrating your account with your blog.
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Didn't know about these plugins. Thanks, Sueg
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