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Any Suggestion On How I Can Make A Sale?

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Any Suggestion On How I Can Make A Sale?

Respected sir ,

Iam doing affilite marketing like COMMISSION JUNCTION,CLICK BANK & AMAZON, JVZOO &LINK SHARE with my free blog only.

My site contains Banners/Text links & widgets only.

My CJ traffic is more .i.e from AUG 2013 to JUNE 2014 is 5 LAKHS visitors. BUT THERE NO SINGLE SALE because of website design looks etc .

What is the gurantee to get traffic & sales ?

I think" Click bank is not sucess in INDIA ".

Will u help to me ?
Will any body give sugessition ?
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My site contains Banners/Text links & widgets only

This might be one of the reasons you're not getting any sales. A site that contains only banners and text links will eventually get penalized by search engines. Users probably just close out your site the minute they land on it.

What is your site about? What niche are you in? I suggest you start with that and create content your users would find helpful. This is one way to keep them coming back to the site and eventually, trust you enough to buy from you.

I suggest you go over our lessons on affiliate marketing and SEO for help on how to get started and tips on how to get traffic to your site.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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What Cecille has said is absolutely right. Yes, you should have some content on your website. Speak something about the products to your visitors. That will make a big difference!
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I totally agree. Text is a very powerful tool to convince your visitors to purchase a product. If you are just using mainly images, I can only imaging the loading speed of your website which is also a turn off for visitors.
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Create something of value to your viewers and they will come back for more. You should come up with fresh content that is of course related to your product, which in effect your visitors can relate to. Identify your niche, and answer a need which is common to your niche.
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Hi Kris here,
This is where I am stuck at i feel, on not having all this information confuse me.
I already setup my domain name which I feel could be used on several campaigns.
I set up one website and then deleted it cause of the look and I could not figure out how to edit it. Does anyone have any advice?
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endy daniyanto
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Hi Kiran,

It would help better if you could provide us a link to your site. Therefore, we can have a look and see if there is any feedback we can give to help you make sales.

Hi Kris,

Do you mean you want to edit the design and layout of your site? Are you using Wordpress? If so, there are many tutorials available for free that explain how to edit Wordpress as you like.

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Content is something that suppose to be most important on website..and everything is after that.
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