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Any recommended Hosting Accounts?

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Any recommended Hosting Accounts?

Anyone have a good and reliable hosting account to recommend?

I would prefer a reseller type of account for all my domains.

Thank you and Mark thanks for being here always!
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The following video outlines what you should be looking for in a hosting provider. It also contains some recommendations with the pros and cons of each. ... g-provider

I hope this helps you with your decision.

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I've used Lunarpages for over 3 years and wouldn't even think about changing. At the end of the day, choosing a host depends entirely on what you're looking to do with your hosting account. It's no good paying for a host that gives a trillion mb's of bandwidth and billion gb's of space (slight exaggeration there! :-) when you're only going to be setting up a 1 page site (which you shouldn't being doing anyway ;-).

The article that Penny provided should help you.

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Hi Mark,

I've been using Hostgator as well for about 2 years already and think it's a fantastic service.

I'm planning to give myself a birthday present by paying upfront for the entire year of subscription fees for 2009 :)
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Yep, HostGator is the place to be. Their customer service and hosting services are awesome!! I've tried about 5 other hosting companies which claimed to be top noche, which of course none of them were. Go with HostGator 100%
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