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Affiliate Site With Responsive Theme?

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Affiliate Site With Responsive Theme?

I was going back and forth on this and wanted to hear what others have to say about this.

Do you think it makes sense to have a wordpress site with a responsive theme on it? I feel like you lose the sidebar where you can have the newsletter signup or affiliate links/adsense.

Is it better just to use a standard theme so that that user can see everything on his mobile device or tablet?
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It depends entirely on you if you want to make your site mobile-friendly. There are a lot of people logging online using mobile devices so it may be worth it to make your website so.

There are a lot of plugins that can help make your site responsive. You can find a good list here: 7 Fantastic WordPress Plugins to Make your Site Mobile Responsive

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I agree with Cecille, you should definitely go with a responsive theme now a days because more and more people are using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, to browse the web. If your site is hard to read or navigate through these devices, you'll get high bounce rates and create a bad user experience which the search engines do not like to see.

With responsive themes most of the time it doesn't remove elements on a page, it will just realign them to fit the various screen sizes, so your opt-in forms will still be there they just will be aligned better for smaller screens.

I don't know about you but I hate non mobile friendly sites especially when the text is too small and I have to zoom in everywhere lol.

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Its depends on your website category .You have to survey about your website's customer they are mobile user or computer .Nowadays mostly people use mobile for retrieving any information .So it should be mobile responsive.
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Andrew is right. There are responsive websites that just automatically adjust the layout based on the viewers width. I normally test this by adjusting the width of the browser, you will see that certain elements are moved until they are all in a single column.
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I assumed that the "Affilo Theme" would be mobile friendly but it does not seem to be which is a shame. I discoved a number of warnings in my Google analytics account giving examples as to why my site offered a poor mobile user experience.
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Did anyone use any of the plugins from Cecille's link to make their affilo theme responsive?

I want to know which one you used and what was your experience?
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