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Adding a blog to static website

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Adding a blog to static website

Can anyone offer me some clear cut 101 instructions on how to add a blog to my already static website which has about 30 articles on it? I have had some previous responses about going into the subfolder under my domain name which is what I would like to do so I can post blogs on my static site but I dont know how it all works. What about my now existing landing page and the already existing theme, does this change? Do I need to change it so I have headings on my pages like affilorama, one of them being BLOG. I really dont know how to change it or if I should change it or what I need to do? Can anyone offer support or advice - or does anyone know where I can get instructions to do this? Willing to pay.
Thanks so much
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Hi Liz,

Where is you site hosted? This will have an effect on what to look for in cPanel.

Do you know you way around cPanel and around your file system? In this case I will make the assumption that you do, otherwise you can get support at your web host to help you.

    1. Create a folder off your root called blog; eg: public_html/blog
    2. The easiest way to create your Blog is with Fantastico; you can find this under Software/Services in cPanel. Once Fantastico opens, select WordPress. If you don't have Fantastico then look for CGI Scripts and, again, select WordPress.
    3. To create your Blog you will need to know a few things like your domain name, the install directory (e.g. blog), your admin user name (usually 'admin'), an adminstrator password, an admin nickname (often your own name), administrator email address, your site name (the name of your blog), and a description. Fill these details into the boxes provided.
    4. Once you have completed your details then select install.
    5. Select finish and that's it.
If you know your way around cPanel then I suggest creating a subdomain; for example, blog.yoursite.com.

If you are not sure or not confident to do this yourself then check out Affilorama Services as I am sure you will find someone who can help you otherwise visit fiverr.com and you will find someone who can help you for $5.

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John Albrett
Orinoco Limited
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Hi John
I am hosted by hostgator and I know cpanel so I will give it a go. Once you install the blog does it change the theme of your site enabling you to add headings such as affilorama's site so I can have a blog heading at the top. I just cant wrap my head around integrating the blog into the static website? Thanks so much for your clear instructions.
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Hi Ella,

What platform is your static site based on? If wordpress, this is going to be very easy. If not on wordpress, then as John says above, install wordpress in a subdirectory, then just link to it from your static site.

Example: www.mainsite.com
Blog: www.mainsite.com/blog

PM me if you have specific questions or need more detailed support (I don't want to charge you anything).
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