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About Page in Website

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About Page in Website


Is it better to use a Plugin to create About Us page? What all we can put on About us page and are there any templates which I can refer?

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I don't think there is a plugin you can use to create the About Us page. It's a miscellaneous page where you put in a brief description about you are the author and what the site is about.

You may refer to's About Us page. Or the About Us page of any blog you follow.

Hope that helps. All the best!
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Instead of creating an about us page I just told what my site was about on the homepage. You got to have something on the homepage. I'm not sure though, it might be better to show your latest posts on the homepage - people might be more likely to read some of them rather than they would if they had to navigate through the categories. That might be a better way to do it actually especially if you get more traffic to your homepage. People would probably spend more time on your site that way.
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If you use WordPress platform, then just simply create a new page named "About" and assign it to the main menu. That's all.
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I have used this plugin that allows you to record a video, list products, and connect with people through video chat! Early stage technology and company called MintGood, so they are giving their plugin away for free, one line of code on any website!
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