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A Lot Of Visitors But No Sales

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A Lot Of Visitors But No Sales


I have a website and in (google analytic) I am seeing that Have a lot of visitors per day but not even one sale . can somebody tell me exactly what to do, or is it something wrong with my website look or my content?
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First of all: Are they real visitors?

If you look at the country they're coming from (under Audience > Geo > Location) do you see a lot of Russian visitors? That's spam traffic, not real people. I have a site that isn't even indexed in the search engines, and has no links to it whatsoever, and it's still getting 1000 "visitors" a month in spam traffic.

How are they arriving at your site? If you look under Acquisition > Overview, what percentage are coming from Organic vs Referral vs Social vs Direct?

You need to figure out how people are arriving at your site, and what they're expecting to find when they arrive, and whether people who are expecting this thing are the kinds of people who are likely to buy the things you're promoting.

Someone searching for "free Spanish lessons", for instance, won't buy anything.

There was another post here recently about a different language site. Take a look at that, there are some ideas in there for you too.
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You need natural traffic. But you, as I think, use referral) It's not okay. Try to propose good content to your clients
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