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2nd Site Project - Need Help......It's All Going Pear Shaped

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2nd Site Project - Need Help......It's All Going Pear Shaped

Hi Everyone,

I've just started my second project and I've hit problems with the hosting part. I bought my domain and repointed the name servers.....ok so far, but this is where I get massively confused.

Firstly, do I add the new domain to 'parked domains' 'add on domains' or 'subdomains'?

I opted for add on domains but when I've tried to upload the wordpress theme using Filezilla it won't accept a connection. What's more, when I've tested Filezilla on the 1st site, that's not working either, so I've obviously caused some kind of conflict when I've added this new domain.

I hope this post has made sense. It's the part of internet marketing that really confuses me.

Thanks for your help,

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im not sure if youve tried it again recently but i know hostgator was having some issues earlier today

do you get the hostgator homepage when you go to the new sites homepage? if you do then at least you know adding the new domain worked. perhaps you just need to check your username / password for the new site for ftp?
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Hey Jason,

If I have unlimited hosting with Hostgator and I will add a new domain to be hosted there, how do I do that? Do I add a new folder in the public_html folder where I will save the files for the new domain/site?

Please advise.

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Hi and thanks for your replies,

When I typed in the new domain into the browser I got a standard Go Daddy webpage......perhaps I've been a bit impatient?

Where do I add my second domain? Is it in the add on domain, subdomain or parked domain section?

If someone could just let me know the answer to that one then at least I'll know that I'm on the right track?

Many thanks,

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Nicola: If you can't access your first domain, your hostgator account may be a bit broken. Best idea is to email them your account details and ask them to help you get it back to how it should be with just the first account. From there you can try adding a second domain again.

Setting up a new domain

When you add a second domain, you need to use cpanel. To get to cpanel, go to: "" (where is your first hostgator domain).
Click the "Addon Domains" button (it's about 2/3 of the way down the page).
First it asks for your domain, e.g.
Next there is a box for Ftp username. You have to choose a NEW username for this new site. To make it easy, just use your domain again, but take the .com or .org or whatever off the end.
I.e. If your domain is "" just make your new username "example".
Third, you need to choose a Document Root. This is just a fancy term for your website folder. This should be filled in automatically to be "public_html/" (where is your domain), and the folder will be created automatically.
The fourth and fifth boxes are for a password to go with your new username. You can either make up a new one, or use the same password as for your first site. Either way, make sure you remember which password goes with which username.

Once you save those settings, your new domain is setup and ready to go.

You will upload your new website file to public_html/
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hi guys!

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