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Yoast or all in one seo which is better?

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Yoast or all in one seo which is better?

Hi all

I use all in one seo but have been reading and hearing a lot of good things about WordPress seo or yoast as it is known. I am thinking of changing and wondered what you all thought.

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Yoast "WP SEO". Also check out Joost de Valk's many good blog posts:

_jim coe
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Yoast is much more comprehensive and complex, but that can be a bad thing too if you just want quick. They're both good!
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I think seo is better...
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Yoast is better. for one thing, it allows you to eliminate several other plugins that all in one SEO doesn't cover. I eliminated 4 plugins when I loaded in Yoast, and the less plugins you have running, the faster your blog will load, which is a factor in SEO as well as customer retention.

I was able to eliminate:
all in one SEO
Robots Meta
Google Sitemap
Google Webmaster tools
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