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Why do my backlinks increase and decrease?

mark schaaf
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Why do my backlinks increase and decrease?

I am on here a lot reading and making comments of some of the things I know a little bit about because of what I have done but some things happen that just make no sense to me at all. About a month or so ago I stopped writing new articles to post because I am working on adding a 20 page section to my web site. I would still go onto some of the forums I read and comment on and did find one new forum to visit. When I stopped writing I only had about 80 backlinks showing up on the 3 backlink checkers I normally use other than checking on TT. I checked all the time when I was writing to see if i was getting more backlinks and would get a few here and there but for the last month I would only check one time a week then in the last 2 weeks I went from about 80 backlinks to about 180 and I sure don't know why. This happened one other time when I found a new blog to read and comment on and got like 900 back links in 3 days but they were all from the same site and as time went on most of them vanished, I think there was something going on wrong with that site but even at that I haven't made any comments for about a week before all these new links showed up. So here again is something I don't understand. Why and how did this happen. The biggest reason for wanting to know is because if the links all stay I want to do it again and again to get even more links. My original 80 links pretty much came one at a time and all from sites with at least a page rank of 5 or higher but these new ones I haven't had a chance to check out where they are coming from yet. Just a little information for others to ponder as to what happened and why.
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The backlink checkers are never really accurate in their numbers. A much better metric to go by would be looking at the number of visitors you are getting from those sites. If you are getting some traffic from them, then it is all worth it.
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To increase backlinks do link exchange. Put your targeted keyword hyperlinked with your website on other websites of high pagerank. Blog commenting and forum posting will be also helpful to increase backlinks.
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Can you give me your site URL so that I could check your backlinks? Please email me at [email protected].

Talk soon!
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michellerana wrote:Can you give me your site URL so that I could check your backlinks? Please email me at [email protected].

Talk soon!

It is easy to check backlinks, you can do it by yourself, just use this tool: siteexplorer.info, then you will know the result soon.
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Here are list of problem to decreased your website :
Algorithm update (%39)
Loss in backlinks (%24)
Sites below you passes you up (%11)
Title and meta changes (%9)
Anti-seo attack (%6)
Theme changes (%4)
Content updates (3)
Server problems (%2)
Keyword density changes (%2)
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