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Which type of link building better for SEO

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Which type of link building better for SEO

Hello guys, i want to know which type of link building better for SEO?
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There are number of ways to generate backlinks for your site-

a) Directory Submission
b) Article Submission
c) Social Bookmarking
d) Guest Blogging
e) Blog Commenting
f) Forum Commenting
g) Local Business Listing
h) Classifieds Submission
i) Blog Posting
j) Press Release
k) Video Sharing
l) Photo Sharing
m) Search Engine Submissions
n) Web 2.0 content submission
o) Profile creation
p) Question and Answer
q) PDF Submissions
r) Infographics Submission
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There are a lot of ways to do SEO. We do cover most of these ways in our free lessons here. Always take note that when it comes to SEO these days, you need to prioritize and focus on quality not quantity.
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Hello unblockthewebsitef,

Now A Days Guest Blog, Infographics and Video Submission Link Buildings techniques are very useful but other type of old link building technique also need to do simultaneously because no one sure which type of technique can give you a proper solution and conversion. Thanks for sharing.

Anurag Gupta
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I suggesting for you:
For example: Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0, Blog comments, file sharing and video sharing
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I was thinking of buying Jetpact, but I'm a bit concerned that some of the marketing strategies being taught are a bit outdated. I was just looking at the Affilotools section and I noticed that "Article Directory Submission" was one of the methods. This is no longer viable according to Matt Cutts.

https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/news/ ... ks-just-no

I'm was quite interested in the Jetpack course, but I don't want to waste my time or money if I'm going to be taught out of date techniques.

Can someone please clarify my concerns.
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Now A Days Guest Blog, Infographics and Video Submission Link Buildings techniques are very useful

I agree with this. Newer forms of link building are effective based on Google updates. Google loves videos and graphics, that's why you should not forget to include these techniques. Older forms are also equally useful.
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Backlink dofollow is the best link building type. Besides. Social networking is also very important in your backlink system
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You should build your own blacklinks system by websites and forums with high DA and PA, as much domain as possible.
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Write kick-ass content, proper use of infographics and guest posting are great for link building.
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Dofollow backlinks from high DA website are helpful for better ranking in SEO.
Guest Blogging
Question and Answers
Forum Postings
Content Marketing
are the best factors for increase quality backlinks.
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There are a lot of ways to do made backlinks, but i am using these ways only for me.

Blog comments
Forum posts
Guest book comments
Editable Wiki pages (e.g. Wikipedia)
Yahoo! Answers
Guest post signatures
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One of the best ways for me is article submission, it gives a lot of possibilities to show your product from the best side. Also, I can say that guest blogging is also effective, will be a plus if you can write a good article.
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I did a few Guest posts, I see they get indexed far more quickly than the commenting.
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I suggest Off-Page SEO techniques are more effective for link building best Off-Page techniques are as:

Forum Participation
Article Submission
Guest Posting
Social Bookmarking
Blog Commenting
Web 2.0

These are most effective SEO techniques to increase more backlinks.
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Link building is much helpful to rank your website. And to get quality backlinks always build the link with high PR sites. That is much powerful and fruitful for any website.
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Use as many info graphics as possible, and just read a lot about SEO
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I used some link building strategy,
Guest blog
Blog post
Directory submission
Profile creation
Business Listing
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