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Which is better Digg or Mixx?

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Which is better Digg or Mixx?

Hello Friends

I started bookmarking for a while but I don't understand which one is better bookmarking site Digg or Mixx. I feel lots of confusion and also don't understand difference between do follow or no follow site. Can anyone help me to solve these problem?

Waiting for your humble response!
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I can't comment on which is better, but as to the difference between follow and nofollow, the difference is what you are after. If you are looking solely for backlinks, then you want sites with follow links (ie not nofollow). This will help you in the search engine results. However, in certain social sites, you can get TRAFFIC (which is really what you are after) even if they do have nofollow links. So just because a particular site has nofollow links, don't discount it. Figure out how you can use it to your advantage to get traffic.

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Both of them are good for your site. you should use them both.

they each have a different following of users, so you get a wider base of customers finding your links.

make sure you take time to add value to the sites, dont just spam your own links. log in once a week, and comment on other sites, make friends requests, and boost the posts made by other people. Just using these sites for a back link is leaving money on the table.

Check out my latest blog post, I have a video on starting social bookmarking, and I use Digg as the example in the video.
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If you want to get backlinks then use them both. These sites are different from each other and they get different visitors (so it is quite hard to differentiate the two). If you are just starting off with getting backlinks, I suggest that you don't focus on getting only do-follow links. Additionally, even if most people advice you to get only do-follow links, your backlinking strategy may seem "unnatural" and this is bad news to Google. From time to time, it is also important that you get no-follow links.
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Why to choose one out of two? Use both of them man. Both are super Quality bookmarking sites..go for them together...
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There are many bookmarking website some good websites are digg.com, stumbleupon.com, reddit.com and delicious.com.
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Mixx is a relatively unknown Social Bookmarking site. Ask around and half the people you talk to haven’t used it. Obviously most people are going to ask how much traffic it sends. On that score it is not brilliant in comparison to Digg or even StumbleUpon, of course not, it is early days, but it does send a bit. It fact for me it has performed better than Reddit and Sphinn, which are sites often recommended in the SMO space.
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According to me digg is a best social bookmarking site..
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