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Which Article Spinner is the Really Best Spinner in 2016?

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Re: Which Article Spinner is the Really Best Spinner in 2016

Hello jackielee103

Just wanted to chime in here. If you are using an article spinner for link building you are probable just wasting your money as links from article websites are no longer considered of any value in SEO and may even hurt you rankings in the very near future. Also the visitors that you may get through direct links from your articles will be very minimal and not very effective. If you are considering article marketing as a source of visitors to your site plan on writing a whole bunch of them (1000's maybe) just to get a reasonable amount of traffic and don't expect the traffic to turn into many sales.

Article marketing is not really a worth while traffic generating strategy like it once was. I suggest you concentrate more on social site marketing and carful link building strategies. Take a look at this up to date link building article here.

I hope this was helpful.
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Hi Paul,

I completely agree with the article you just shared. However, contrary to what you said, article marketing is still relevant. I think what you want to say is it is now irrelevant to do article marketing that is based completely from old link building techniques. What works now is to write articles for your market and NOT for search engines. So now, instead of writing an article that is based around the chosen keywords and is optimized for the keywords, you write for your audience. Of course, you can still include keywords within the article, but you do not "mainly" write the article just to optimize your chosen keywords. These days, that is irrelevant. As long as you write good articles for your market, then you can rank better on SERPs.
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I also agree with burkhardt5. It is so helpful for me and my site. Thanks for sharing.
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