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Where To Get High Quality Backlinks

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Where To Get High Quality Backlinks


Where can I get high quality backlinks from?

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Hi Alain,

There are ways that you can get high PR backlinks:

1. You can install a SEO plugin on your browser. You can use this to search for related sites that have high PR, high DA/PA, etc. Just do a search on Google like you normally would (like for example, you would like to do forum posting or blog commenting and you are looking for websites to build your backlinks) then the SEO plugin will display information for each site in Google SERPs. You can use this to determine which site is best to leave your link on.

2. You can use Traffic Travis. This tool can show you the backlinks for any website AND it also shows you a list of high quality sites that you can build your backlinks to. You can run your competitor's site on Traffic Travis to check their backlinks. You can use these data for your own site as well. More about how to get backlinks using Traffic Travis here.

3. Affilotools- Just like Traffic Travis, this tool can also provide you with backlinks data and helps you find possible sites where you can leave a backlink. You have free access to Affilotools and I suggest you check out this tool for your SEO campaign and backlinking strategies.

I hope that helps.
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okk i will check it
you provide very good information
thanks for this
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There are Handful techniques to get high quality backlinks.

1. Make a list of forums that have high page rank and that allows signature
2. Write informative about your articles on the topics, related to your products or services
3. Create a Blogs of your website on different blogging platforms like blogger, WordPress.
4. Create videos at post them to top video sites, promoting your site which will boost your traffic.
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Web directory submission is also an effective SEO method to get high quality backlinks. Pick the directories that submit links manually so you can see the difference in the course of time.
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social bookmarking
article submission
social media(twitter, Facebook)
forum posting
or buy backlinks from sites like SEOclerks, listingdock etc.
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