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Where can i put my target keywords on website title?

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Where can i put my target keywords on website title?

for example my target keywords is "music making software" Should i put only this 3 words on title ?? how should my title looks like if i want to rank for this keywords ? please give me a best practice
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Hey Richard,

The three main places I would recommend that you have your keywords are...

1) In the title of the page. This is what you see at the top of your window or tab, it's not the headline at the top of an article.

2) Inside <h1> tags at the top of your article. This will usually be the headline of your article, and will usually be automatically put inside <h1> tags if you're using WordPress.

3) Somewhere in the first paragraph of your article, towards the top of the page.

If your keyword is "music making software" you don't need to make your title and your headline etc EXACTLY the same. You could have a title like "The best music making software of 2014" or "Software for making music" Or "make music with this software", or "What's the best software for making music?"

Similarly, you could probably also say "software for creating music" or "programs for making music". Synonyms are usually just as good as the actual keyword, and make it easier to write articles that sound "normal" :)
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Put the name of your software first and then followed by your keyword phrase, 'music making software'. In this way you should rank for your software name as well as your keyword phrase, assuming there is enough content on your pages to let Google know that your site is really about that.
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I'd have the following terms targeted on the "Seo Company" category landing page:

SEO Company
SEO company London
SEO company UK

Here's how I'd add those keywords:

Title Tag:

SEO Company - London, UK | test.com
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I would like to suggest you to put Exact keyword at the start of a title, then make a normal sentence including your company name.
Because spiders could crawl your title from left to right.
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Yes you can add your target Keyword in meta title and Header.
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