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What to do with traffic from the wrong gender?

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What to do with traffic from the wrong gender?

I have a relationship website that is devoted strictly to men. However some of the keywords I'm targeting are ambiguous. As an example: How To Recover From A Breakup. What do I do with the traffic from the opposite sex? I'm currently just redirecting them to an affiliate sales page that contains information for both sexes. I don't think that works well for conversions. You guys have any ideas?

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That is actually a really good question... would love to hear some other members thoughts.
I found this post on Google.
http://www.conversionvoodoo.com/blog/20 ... sion-rate/
Not sure if it helps but one thing I thought about, it would be good to capture the lady's email address so you can advertise to them directly in an email newsletter series.
But maybe that is male thinking..lol
Any ladies have any thoughts on this?

You could also have something on the page along the lines of " Do you have a lady friend who needs help with breakup issues? then go here for help" not sure how or if it would convert at all.

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mark schaaf
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I don't think I would do anything for the simple reason, why wouldn't a site giving relationship advice for a man to man situation also work on a woman to woman relationship. also maybe they would send the site to some friends they have. Also traffic good or bad can also still be good because the more people that visit your site will make your alexa ranking go up and can push you site higher in search results. If you aren't paying for the unwanted traffic then I wouldn't worry about it at all.
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If it's not converting well, have two possible links on the page, one for females one for males, and direct them accordingly. Either that, or perhaps monetise with adsense or similar instead?
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Abel Haslett
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If your site is strictly for men and yet both males and females get to visit it, then I think you can create a prominent text which tells that you site is exclusively for me, or perhaps put something like "for men" in your header title. As for the women, I think it's fine to create a link redirecting them to other sites which are made for them. That's my opinion.
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personally if you want to target the subniche for men only, you should find jkeywords targeting your sub niche. that niche has thousands of them so I dont see why you would waste time on a general keyword bringing un-targeted traffic to a highly targeted site. do your niche research.
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