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What To Do To Get My Site Indexed?

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Re: What To Do To Get My Site Indexed?

First make sure in WordPress Settings>Reading>'Search Engine Visibility' you have this unchecked.

Next make sure your site is crawable by joining google Webmaster Tools and also join Bing Webmaster Tools.


Bing and google Webmaster Tools has tools that can help you see what's wrong or right with your site. They can help you with indexing and sitemaps, as well as see errors and what needs to be improved.

Also look into installing an SEO Plugin, join and Install google Analytics, and maybe use a Sitemaps plugin if needed.

Next it's time for Inbound Marketing (SEO), build up your content and market it, this will get the search engines to notice you and want to start to put your pages higher in the search engine results.
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There are number reason that your is not indexed like your website is not found in the indexing of the bing, crawling and indexing of the website in the bing on the internet will make the decision that which page is likely resonate with the searchers. To get your site indexed do the proper indexing of your site daily, make the good quality links that will point to your website, don't indexed the blocked URL's in the bing master tool, don't use the site whose pa and da is less. Install the SEO plugins and install a Google analytics I would be more useful for you.
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Please check below URL for Exact guidance:
http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Your-Website ... -by-Google
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