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what is wrong with my page rank

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what is wrong with my page rank

I have realized that my page rank is N/A.

upon research i have found that this may be as a result of a penalty by the search engine for a violation or so.

i have tried as much to figure out what went wrong without success.

my page rank was then 2 and the alexa ranking was lower than it is today.

why is that so, the alexa ranking keeps on growing while the page rank is not defined.

I have removed some widgets which i suspected to have affected my page rank with no change.

check http://moseski.blogspot.com and advice.
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There are two answers to that question. First, You are getting more viewers but it is possible that the other sites are having bigger increases that's why your Alexa Traffic Rank gets lower. Or secondly, it could be that you maybe getting no significant increase in visitors and page views lately.
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I think it took a minute to load your front page you need a caching plugin and maybe clean up the page try some thing like Quick Cache
Widget cash and video cache
You want to market I think you need to read up on focusing one one thing at a time more. To many large photos and videos take time to load google does set age rank for page load speed as well other factors.
You need a h1 tag h2 tag h3 tag
The site looks like spam central to me.
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Just checked your website, it's a video portal and Google pays much emphasis to content based websites. You have 4700 back links as shown by yahoo but quite enough to get some page rank.

I would suggest you to get some quality backlinks through article submission to good blogs and Article directories, that will help you reach some decent page rank whenever the next update happens.
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