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What Is Universal Analytics ?

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What Is Universal Analytics ?

Google Analytics

Tracking traffic flow, visitors, and conversions is an arduous task but it is greatly simplified by Google Analytics. I have been using Google Analytics for the past few years and it has helped me greatly in gaining insights about my target audience.

Google analytics is a tool that helps in tracking traffic details such as user location, IP address, traffic source, and various other details important to manage SEO campaign, online conversions and overall sales.

Nowadays, every webmaster uses the free version of Google Analytics in their website to get detailed report of web traffic.
Universal Analytics is The Next Big Thing!

Google on Friday, March 22, 2013 announced (here is a link, http://thenextweb.com/google/2013/03/22 ... eractions/) the public beta launch of Universal Analytics, an expansion of its existing Google Analytics service. UA will result in making the marketers’ love of teasing upon the customer’s senses more passionate through the campaigns they execute. Moreover, this time it will be due to more customized & niche insights about customer that remained missing in GA in its default-customized abilities, as nothing was there to be tuned as per marketers niche needs.
If you’re already using Google Analytics, you’ll have to create a new Web property in your account to get the new features in Universal Analytics. If you haven’t signed up with Google Analytics yet, you now have the option to choose Universal Analytics when you set up your account.
It is Not Sufficient Material Here To Know in Deep About Universal Analytic , As its New Discussion That Number of Forums and blog Includes So Would Like to Share few Resource For your help

1 What is Universal Analytics?
2 What are its new features?
3. What is difference between Google Analytic and Universal Analytic?
[Inaccessible Link]
4 Should you go for UA right now?
5 Is it helpful for SEO? If yes, how?

Visit FATbit blog for in-depth discussion and answers to the above mentioned queries
http://www.fatbit.com/fab/universal-ana ... ew-bottle/
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Good article on UA.

The problem I see here is that more data means more confusion to marketers. Provided you are really good at analyzing traffic and everything. But most marketers only want simple, straight to the point data.

I just hope G will also come up with more clean-up look and very user-friendly analytics.

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sumit wrote:Visit FATbit blog for in-depth discussion and answers to the above mentioned queries

UA is announced with New Functional Capabilities of the “Measurement Protocol (MP)” i.e.
New Data Collection Methods, Simplified Feature Configuration , Custom Dimensions & Metrics, Multi Platform tracking etc
Universal Analytic uses a new cookie to identify users and it lasts 2 years , Having the data for a longer period of time will also be an advantage in the future. I was very found of , to read more about UA with number of Questions in mind found it with link you provided . Quite Informative thanks for Share .
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Universal Analytics (UA) is introduces a new tracking code, the ability to track a user's behaviour among different devices and a new measurement protocol that is able to import data from online and offline devices. In universal analytics you can track video, document submission stats.
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