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What Is The Recommended Bounce Rate?

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What Is The Recommended Bounce Rate?

How much Bounce rate is enough and please tell me my site's bounce rate is 75.87%.
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Your bounce rate is an indication of how many people visit your page and then leave again without visiting any other pages on your site.

75% is reasonably high (although I've seen higher!), but a high bounce rate isn't necessarily bad. It could mean that people are simply getting the answer they were looking for, and they don't need to browse additional pages on your site.

(Eg, if you were looking for the definition of a word, and you arrived at a page that gave you a good definition. Great! That's your question answered. You're not going to go clicking around the rest of the site looking at other words... you're going to bounce out of there.)

What Google is more likely to look at is whether people who "bounce" from your site keep looking through the search results for more answers, or if they stop their search after visiting your page. This lets Google know if your site is answering the question.

(Unfortunately there's not much way for us to see if people are doing this.)

If you want to decrease your bounce rate, you need to give people compelling reasons to visit other pages on your site. You can promote other articles, have a good and clear navigation system, make sure your articles are so good that people want to read more, and generally give people the impression that "hey there's a lot of really cool content here".

But just keep in mind that a bounce rate doesn't necessarily mean anything in itself.
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There are a lot of factors that contribute to a high bounce rate. Mostly, there are two reasons why you have a high bounce rate:

1. You are targeting the wrong kind of traffic
2. You are exactly targeting the right kind of traffic

For #1, people are not staying longer on your website simply because your website does not provide them the information they need. Or perhaps your website design and navigation is poorly done.

For #2, people are not staying longer because they already got the answer on your website.

Whether it's #1 or #2 reasons (or both), you can always reduce the percentage of your bounce rate by applying several changes in your website. Here are some of the things that you can check or do:

1. Avoid targeting keywords that has nothing to do with your website.
2. Check your website speed
3. Make sure that your content is always attractive-- both in words and graphics
4. Make your website mobile-friendly
5. Create landing pages with a call-to-action
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Bounce rate is when people click on your webpages but leave before loading of that page. If your site showing high bounce rate then check the speed of site, also check it is mobile friendly or not.
Check your analytics setting if some problem occurring there or replace it with another analytics like GoStats & others.
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You have to target the right kind of traffic. Its help to increase tour bonus rate on your site.
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Ram Kumar
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Hi Ram kumar,

How can traffic reduce the bounce rate, If there is some problem in site loading
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john58975 wrote:Hi Ram kumar,

How can traffic reduce the bounce rate, If there is some problem in site loading

Nothing really effects bounce rate like having a web page that takes 10 seconds to load.

Not only is this a confirmed ranking factor and lends directly to user experience, but it can cause your follower reach to stall, negatively impact your search rankings, and destroy your conversion rate.
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Julia Seaman
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No two recommendations on bounce rate are the same. Some say it's this, while another says something different. As Aletta said at the start of this thread, the bounce rate does not mean anything unless you analyze it along with other data. See if you can find out where users go after they exit your site. If they are clicking your affiliate links, then a high bounce rate won't be so bad.

Aletta and Mary have given excellent recommendations on what you can do to improve you're site's bounce rate. You can also refer to Google's Help page for more information and on how else you can improve it:
https://support.google.com/analytics/an ... 9409?hl=en

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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The answer should be subjective depending on the entire marketing campaign. However, the lower the better.
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