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what is the difference between web master & Google Analytic

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what is the difference between web master & Google Analytic

what is different between webmaster tool and google analytic ??
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Webmaster tools provides you with more technical information about your website, such as broken links, incorrect code, etc., but it does have some overlap with Google Analytics which provides visitor statistics (how visitors find your site, what pages they view, for how long, etc.).

Used together they can give you vital data on your site which you can use to see what's working and track improvements.
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Thanks for the informative reply !
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I think one of the biggest problems with both webmaster tools and google analytics is that so often we don't know how to use the information that we are given and often it takes a long time to figure out how to get more detailed information that will help us figure out what we want to know because often for many people starting out they don't know what to look for and why. I have been using both for about 2 and a half years and I am still learning thing about them and how to use it so it isn't an easy thing to use for many including myself. It would be great if google had a video series on how to use both things so we don't have to do so much reading,
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