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What is the difference between "Header bidding", "Prebid", a

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What is the difference between "Header bidding", "Prebid", a

What is the difference between "Header bidding", "Prebid", and "Post-bid"?
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Why don't you just open google and search for these terms?
you will get definitions easily.
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Get ready for a deep dive into header bidding in all its glory. Prebid.js allows publishers to set up line items and handle asynchronous, multiple ads calls. Everyone bidding will also have different response times.
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With the availability of Open source header bidding technologies like Prebid, it has become much easier to implement and execute header bidding. On the other hand, Open Bidding helps you to deal with Page latency.
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janie.taylor2020 wrote:What is the difference between "Header bidding", "Prebid", and "Post-bid"?

I think, if you don`t know the difference you should read more aboit it in google, before using it
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Header Bidding and Exchange Bidding are both effective ways of boosting revenue. There are differences though and many publishers are now weighing up the Prebid, the most popular wrapper is free, open-source code.
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Prebid is a popular open-source header bidding wrapper in the market.
“In post-bid, the competition among your mediated demand sources compete AFTER your ad server has chosen the winning line item!
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