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What is the best way to increase followers on Facebook?

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What is the best way to increase followers on Facebook?

What is the best way to increase more followers on Facebook
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You can easily increase your FB likes through FB ads. If you do not want to pay for likes, you need to be more transparent in Facebook such as posting/sharing more content and being active in commenting, liking, and sharing posts.
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Yes, Being genuine with your profile, post informative and attractive content, invite friends on your page, active with your followers, like and share others post and always give priority to your followers.
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There're many ways to increase Facebook followers, below some of them:

Free ways:
- Invite your friends to like the Fanpage
- Share your content into relevant and related groups (hosting/domain groups)
- Share your content on relevant and related Fanpages (hosting/domain fanpages)
- Add a widget about your Fanpage on your website
- Run a mini game with attractive prizes that let people like and share your posts
- Run a give away contest to get more fans and engagements
- Ask for help on other fanpage admins to share the content for you.

Paid ways:
- Facebook Ads (CPC, Post engagement, Page like,...)
- Rent posts from KOLs fanpage
- Rent post from other famous fanpage in the same market.

I hope this helps.
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Frankly speaking, there are just 2 simple answers. First, it is through your content, as ultimately WOM is the biggest promoter! If the content is there then even low traffic will certainly convert into bigger one. I hate short cuts which only increase the number but not reputation or anything as such.
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Here are some tips to increase follower in social media like facebook:
Write professional bioghraphy in profile, Post valuable content, Engage with friends by giving likes and comments and make sure your contents and images are shareable.
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