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What Is The Best Solution To Fix A Site With Low Traffic?

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What Is The Best Solution To Fix A Site With Low Traffic?

I created a site and it's been up for almost 8 months or more already, however I found out that the target keyword I used for the homepage is not pleasing. I only have about 48 searches per month and that's local search. No wonder why I am not getting traffic but I am ranking to the keyword I choose. Well I'm still learning but I did not do much research before I even bought the domain. Is it too late to improve the traffic of this site? What is the best solution to do? Should I get another domain name that is base on the target keyword which will rank fast then point this old site that has very low search to this new site or should I just trash the old site and transfer all the content to the new site? Your answer will really help me! Thanks a lot in advance!
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Definitely don't trash the site!

Do some research and figure out what keyword term will actually give you some traffic and then target that keyword (assuming that it is still related to your site). Also, you are not limited to just one keyword, you can create as many different pages on the site as you want, each targeting a different keyword.
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I sometimes buy more than one domain name, each with a different keyword, then "park" them with my hosting service such that they are pointed at the main domain.

It seems to help, but I have not done scientific before/after testing to prove it.

Hope this helps...
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Hi Juderm,

Yes, you may sill improve your website to get more traffic.

I suggest you start with new keywords for all your web pages then create content for these keywords to post to your website and make sure that these keywords are fully optimized.

For keyword research, try to avoid "generic" keywords and instead focus on finding long tail keywords, emergency keywords, product name keywords, and keywords with buyer intent.

I hope that helps!

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there really isn't one thing that you can do because it is a combination of everything that get traffic, Like everyone suggested you could check your keywords but just having the right keywords isn't going to work if the article you have written and have put them in isn't any good, so you have to have good articles on your site. You should also have some good article in some article sites like ezine articles and some others, maybe put things up on hub pages and Squido. One great way to get people to your site provided there are some is to go on forums and answer questions, blogs as well. depending on the forum or blog you are on you may either fill out a profile which you can attach your web address or every time you answer a post you can add your url to your comment. You don't want to put some goofy short answer like nice article or I agree, you want to put an answer that makes sense and is of good length otherwise you could get banned from that site. Sometimes you could get banned anyhow just for answering to many questions because the site doesn't want there viewers to go to your site so you also need to be careful there. But you always want to keep everything on the up and up and not do anything sneaky because that is how google knocks you down.
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