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What is Schema and its types?

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What is Schema and its types?

Hi there,

I have heard so many time about Scheme. I would like to know in brief about it and how can I put it on my website
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Hi John,

This is kind of a broad question. In general, schema is a programming term that refers to the organization of files in the database. May I ask what do you want to achieve in your website so we can fully assist?
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The schema is one of many different types of structured data, a rather broad category which includes Facebook’s Open Graph and Twitter Cards. Structured data can help you to send the right signals to search engines about your business and content.

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

One of the latest evolution in SEO is called schema markup.
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john.vilson89 wrote:Hi there,

I have heard so many time about Scheme. I would like to know in brief about it and how can I put it on my website

You can read the detail here at SEL: http://searchengineland.com/schema-mark ... ype-231077
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The schema is used for relational and object oriented data base.
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Schema can help sites to provide relevance, but you need to understand the types first. There are a number of types for specific purposes i.e Local Business, Product, Brand, Organisation etc.

You need to ensure you add the correct schema for the type of page. There are specific item types within each categories.

It's important when schema is added that no errors exist.

To test site schema you can use Googles testing tool:

To build schema you can use many free tools ie:

I would recommend not adding schema to your site until you understand it in detail. It's a whole other beast. We use it on all our local client sites and some product sites currently. It can be highly beneficial for aggregate ratings to have the star ratings show up in the search results.
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sechema is a formal language it's sported by the database management system.
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