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what is hub page?

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what is hub page?

Can anyone tell me what is hub page?
Also tell me how to create it.
Anticipate your feedback.
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Hubpages is a web 2.0 site, where you can post quality content. It is free and you can use this for your marketing/link building strategy.

However, before you start with Hubpages, I suggest you check their FAQ section and take note of their website rules. They are very strict and do not allow duplicate and low quality content. In addition, they also do not want spammer, so be careful when building links to hubpages.

I hope that helps.

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HubPages is a social content community for writers.

Its a web 2.0 site just like squidoo to share advice, reviews, useful tips and opinions.

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Hub pages is a great way to put up something like a little bitty web page which we most often have an information article which eventually you will either point to your web site for more info or to a sales page most often also on your website. Along with trying to give information and get a sale we also get some great links out of putting up hub pages as well.
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A hub-page is a free, simple website you can build as a means to add exposure to your web presence and business.Even if your main website is a personal one, you can still create a hub-page to bring people’s attention to it.
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Hub page is a digital marketing company which is used to create your web 2.0 website blogs.. Quite easy process..It is just like signing up your fb..
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Hub Pages is web2.0 online space where you share your advice, ideas, useful tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors. Hub pages one of the technique to make your own webpage & promote it different website.
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