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What is article spinning?

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"What is article spinning?" If you heard of it, I am sure you could have easily searched it on Google, so this is most probably a post made for link building reasons only.

Not sure if it puts it the "spinning" mark directly, but spinned/spun articles many times have a broken language caused by the spinning process and Google won't rank a piece of content that doesn't use a clear language, so it doesn't bring much quality to users. Big G is smart enough now to check and figure out that if the appearance data, number of words are the same, and the number of synonyms from the two texts is so big, it's in fact the same text.

Anyway, to do article spinning in 2019, when search engines so much emphasize on ranking those websites which create good and valuable content for their users, is like willing to travel with a carriage when you have a TGV nearby :)
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This is a writing technique used in (SEO), and other applications, which creates what appears to be new content from what already exists. Content is produced through the automatd method.
If you publish the excess amount of spin content on your website then google definitely catch you.
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Article spinning is a classic example of bad content since this is written using automated article spinning tools. In short, spun articles are low quality and are mostly flagged by Google as spam content.

And yes, Google can detect these types of content since the Panda-Penguin update.
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In a short it's a way to make article unique, but only for the search engine bots, which was done based on some other article of other person. So something like that. People couldn't read that article anyway, but google knows how to spot even such by similar algos.
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Article spinning is the technique of rewriting an article in different ways to optimize different searchable words. This is essentially when you take an article you've already written and change it to make it “original" in the eyes of Google SEO.
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It is nothing but changing the sentence formation and synonyms of an article and it is a part of SEO. Google always consider unique content so most of the SEO persons use this article spinning tools to avoid plagarisim
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Article spinning is your method of composing a post in approaches that are various to optimize words that are searchable that are different. This is basically once you take a post you have already composed and alter it to make it"first" from the eyes of Google SEO.
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Article spinning is the SEO technique of re-writing an article to create new “original” copies to avoid duplicate content issues that can result in a penalty from search engines like Google when article marketing your website.
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