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What is a quality link?

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What is a quality link?

following are some tips of quality back links !!

1) On topic (The page linking to your page is about the same main topic)
2) Ranked well for the keyphrase you are after (In the top 1,000)
3) Has high PR (PR 4 or higher)

thanks all
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Final thought, and a good rule when doing your link building:

Pagerank is LESS important than IP diversity. In other words, dont go crazy on Ning, etc.
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Quality link means that links which comes from high PR websites or forums like Digitalpoint, Warriorforum, etc
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Quality links are those which we get from do follow, high PR and relevant websites. That websites do not link farms.
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Quality links are the links that comes from the relevant websites and helps to increase the PR of a web page.
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Here's my take on a quality backlink:

1. Do follow
2. Contextual (surrounded by words/sentences before and after the link)
3. High PR 3+
4. Contains anchor text and not just a URL or "click here"
5. Only your link or very few links on the page pointing to other sites.
6. Located on the root domain (link is on yoursite.com and not on yoursite.com/sample-page.php)
7. A goverment site or an education site.

From my experience, relevancy doesn't matter.
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It is almost easier to define what BAD backlinks are than it is to define a good backlink. By determining what the search engines have penalized websites for we can ascertain the qualities inherent in bad links.

Links derived through link exchange agreements along with reciprocal linking are links commonly discounted by the major search engines. Links that appear unnatural. All links using the same anchor text. Links of great numbers created over very short time duration. All links pointing to the main domain only are often discounted by the search engines as unnatural. This list of bad backlinks is not all encompassing, but provides a general splattering.

By definition then, any backlink not containing the attributes of a bad backlink would meet the requirements of a quality backlink. The search engines use backlinks to judge whether a website has value for the searching public-at-large. If the search engine's results do not meet the needs of those searching for information that search engine is likely to lose market share.

Margene Smith
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If you were wishing to rank for the search term "dog training" the best quality link you could achieve would be an in-context, do follow link with the anchor text "dog training" on the website page that is currently ranking in first position in google for "dog training". If your link was the only outbound link on this page even better.
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Links considered as quality if it is related to your site and can create stable traffic, rankings and regular visitors.

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In Jason's blog post about high quality link building methods, he defined quality links as being able to past the following criterion (I qoute):

The visibility of the link that will be acquired; for example, in-content or editorial links can get clicks and are prioritized by search crawlers when parsing/accessing page data.

The topical relevance of the page hosting the incoming link, since contextual links pass more value and trust.

The strength of the hosting domain and its ability to pass through high amount of value to your site; this can be measured through site metrics such as PageRank, Domain Authority, TrustRank, mozRank, traffic data, etc.
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Quality link means genuine link which can be compared to the vote of trust. Quality link comes from trustable and familiar source. Such as, good PR, do follow, trustable domain links, niche content or article links, links from unique articles as well as blog post are consider as a quality link.
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The links we get from quality sites are called as quality backlinks...
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If your post have quality contents and many people like your post its mean your link is a quality link ,

One quality link can give a many back links so its very important in the international seo that you should make quality contents in your posts.

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Quality links are getting a link back from a website to our website where the OBL is low from that particular website. (Outbound link)
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