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what does high bounce rate generally indicates?

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what does high bounce rate generally indicates?

Hi, can anyone please explain what does high bounce rate generally indicates?
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For search engine marketing, the consequences are clear, rating calls for generating long clicks and keeping your long to short click on ratio excessive rather than living on leap charge. However, knowing why Google doesn't use Google Analytics' soar fee brings us to a rather sudden end: jump price still topics.
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High bounce rate means your website is in a bad situation, you should take care about the website improvement to stay visitors long period on that website.
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High bounce rate means that your website is at a position that is terrible, you should be careful about the site advancement to stay bounce period on such site.
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High Bounce Rate = Bad Performance of Website

Your website content is not useful for users.
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If people do not find relevant information on your landing page and they move from another website immediately, then in this condition search engine calculate as a high bounce rate.
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High bounce rate indicates you need to improve your website by adding valuable content, images, and easy navigation to go user to the required page.
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There are several factors that make Google or other search engines flag your site as having a high bounce rate.

Some of these are:

Poor Loading Speed: If your site is hosted in Germany but your target country is the UK, you're going to get a slower loading time.

Other factors that can affect this are: high-res photos and videos and other website assets.

Poor Content: Written content is greatly unattractive to most users. Therefore, you may need to use the following to reduce your bounce rates: bigger fonts, more headers, broken paragraphs and more images.

In addition, you must make the topic interesting and easy for people to understand and digest.

Consistent Host Downtime
Poor Website Design

I hope I was able to help you out somewhat! :)
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when people don't find important information on the landing page and they move from another website immediately then your websites bounce rate is high.
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