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What Do Traffic Sources Mean In Blogger?

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What Do Traffic Sources Mean In Blogger?

What does the traffic sources and audience means in blogger?
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Traffic sources mean where you will get traffic for your site. If could be organic traffic, meaning traffic coming from search engines, or it could be traffic from ppc campaigns or social media.

Audience means the readers of your blog.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Think of your audience as your regulars or the ones who will come back time and again to read your posts. These people have subscribed to your blog via their blogger control pane. and any update appears there, in a feed of most recent blog posts from favorite blogs.

Another way to ensure that your readership is maximized is to ask every regular reader to further subscribe to an email list that allows you to contact them outside the Blogger platform. This will ensure they never miss a post, even when not visiting the blogger.com writer's platform.
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