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What are the types of traffic?

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What are the types of traffic?

Hi, my name is Sonam, please anyone explain how many types of traffic?
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Hi Sonam,

These are the types of traffic:

*organic traffic- comes from search engine search
*paid traffic- comes from paid ads
*referral traffic- comes from websites that have a link back to your page
*direct traffic- comes from people who type in your website directly to their browsers
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There are 6 types of traffic as below.

- Organic
- Direct
- Paid
- Email marketing
- Social media
- Referral
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There are many types of traffic, like
Organic traffic
Paid traffic
Direct traffic
referral traffic etc
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There are four types of website traffic:

Direct Traffic - Direct traffic consists of people who enter your website directly through their web browser in order to visit.

Referral Traffic - People who find your website through external links throughout the web. For example, if you publish an article or blog with a link back to your website and someone chooses to click and follow that link, that person is considered a referral visitor.

Organic Traffic - People found your website through an online search. While for two-thirds thirds of all online searches go through Google, Yahoo, and Bing are also included in the organic traffic metric.

Social Traffic - As you might imagine, social traffic consists of people who found and visited your site through links on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.
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There are four different types of traffic that you can generate for your business.Direct traffic, Referral traffic, organic traffic & social traffic.
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For increasing traffic to your website target long tail keywords, do guest blogging, optimize through social media marketing campaigns for increasing traffic to your website.
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The most important thing about digital marketing is how your customer is finding you. There is one tool, the name is google analytics which is a categorization of how your users find your site. categorization is as below-
1. Referral- This traffic is generated by when the user clicks on a link from another website.
2.Direct- when user types directly URL, the traffic is generated is known as direct traffic.
3. Paid- This traffic is generated by the pay-per-click campaign.
4. Organic- This traffic is generated by an unpaid search result.
5. Social- This traffic is generated through a social network like Facebook, Instagram etc.
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There are 5 types of traffic:
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I think there are four types of traffic available,

1> organic traffic
2>paid traffic
3>social traffic
4>referral traffic.
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