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Well Established Blogs & Websites Losing Ranking?

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Well Established Blogs & Websites Losing Ranking?

I noticed that there are so many well-established blogs And websites losing their rankings?

Why this is happening?
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Hey, Caroline! you are right. There are so many well-established blogs and website losing their rankings. It is just because of they are not providing the well-updated quality content to their websites. Also, the customer is not interested to read their blogs.
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Hi Caroline,

Each website can lose rank but the reason/s why may be different from the other websites. If you're a blog owner who just lost rank on Google SERP, you can check out why you lost rank by simply looking at the traffic reports in Google Analytics and analyze your traffic. Try to also check your Google Webmaster account and see which of the recommendations there you have not done yet.

Most of the reasons why you lose rank include- pages that have slow page speed, a website that cannot be indexed/crawled by Google because it's set to no-index, no follow. The keywords you used for the page suddenly becomes competitive and you need to focus more on quality link building.
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Search engine optimization should never have been tied to rankings. 12 years ago we didn’t know any better. Five years ago we DID know better but people continued to talk about rankings. We should always have been measuring SEO value in terms of search referral traffic.

I find that search engine optimization works just as well today as it did 12 years ago. What is not working so well are all the bad ideas people have been sharing on their blogs, at conferences, and in their books. SEO should not be treated as a production process that can be followed according to a formula. You have to treat each Website differently.

The Websites that run into trouble with the search engines are following formulas for success. Ultimately that leads to failure.
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You are Right! It is happening beacuse they are not up to date with SEO...
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Maybe they are not updating their blog often or posts are not interesting to the readers
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I strongly suspect that maybe they are not carrying out any promotional methods for their website. Also it may be that they are heavily involved in blackhat SEO and have been penalized by Google search engine. this is my take on this.
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I strongly believe that Search engine checks ranking as per quality of content. so people must have to take care about some steps:
1. Work Hard on key words and content,
2. Find out on which social media You can publish your content which will be worth reading to your users and certainly for your rankings also.
3. Back links and Headings must be proper
4. Register your Domain Name with Keywords
5. Publish only best quality of content
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Hey all.
We all must keep in mind that there are many factors that can help a page rank well. On that same note, there are many factors that can decrease a pages rankings and these factors are changing all the time due too search engine algorithm up-dates and changes.

Though it is hard to determine exactly what has made a page drop in rankings it may be as simple as other pages have simply gone up in rankings due to content, links or any other factor and are now above the other page.

I also believe that pages (like several of mine) that once ranked well based on link structure have now dropped in the rankings due to algorithm changes that give less value to some or many of the links to that page that once were considered good quality links but are now seen to be of lesser quality.

There is no one way or even several ways to ensure good rankings and algorithm changes will keep changing. This is just the nature of search engines and is why you should always keep your marketing efforts diversified. While one of your pages may drop, hopefully another will go up.

Never Give Up!!!
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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carolinemurphy wrote:I noticed that there are so many well-established blogs And websites losing their rankings?

Why this is happening?

Hi friend! One reason for this is maybe they are not updating the contents of their website as supposed to. That's why the rankings of their pages are also affected.

Being established doesn't really guarantee a better position in rankings. I guess they fail to recognize that fact...:)
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Was the same problem,interesting with what it can be connected
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