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Website Redirecting

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Website Redirecting

how can i redirect someone to another website without changing the web address
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If you mean that they should still see the same URL in the address bar even as they see a different website in the browser, then you can use frames. Or you can use url masking through your domain registrar.

With frames, you set up an index page for the domain that is supposed to be appearing in the address bar all the time and you set up the index page to be a 100% frame page. The target of the frame would be the URL of the other website.

There are some domain registrars which offer domain masking services. You just select the option and indicate the target URL and there's nothing more that you need to do. Ask your registrar about it, to see if they offer that kind of service.

One thing, though, if you intend use this for google adwords, be aware that using masked URLs could get your ads disapproved or your adwords account suspended. See http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/A ... d665&hl=en

Also, in SEO, having a 100% frame page could result in low or no rankings, depending on whether your web page is perceived by the search engines as a deliberate act to manipulate rankings or to deceive users.
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Also, this type of redirecting is against most affiliate programs TOS agreements.
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you can do redirect 301

or log in to google webmaster tools and configure "change of address"
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