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Website Linking Questions

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Website Linking Questions

Hi Guys:

Can you please answer a few lingering linking questions that are driving me nuts. I'm seeing all sorts of answers:

1. Is is still okay to cloak affiliate links? Not wanting to hide anything. Just to make them look nicer and save myself from losing commissions.

2. If so, what is the best way now to cloak affiliate links?

3. Should all outbound links - affiliate, as well as linking to authority sites - from our sites be "open in new window" and "no follow"? It's my understanding that "open in new window" is really like keeping a visitor on your site, while they check out that new window. Also "no follow" affiliate links don't tie you in with the vendor and no link juice to anyone.

4. Should you still link images to your money pages, affiliate vendor sites, etc. Or is that now considered over SEO'd?

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Use common sense when you do linking. Use discretion when doing any type of linking or cloaking. If you are doing affiliate links for green products or weight loss, you won't need to do any type of cloaking. People interested in those topics most likely won't steal your id's and are motivated.

As far as linking goes do what is natural. One or two links over an entire article that is well written is fine. The Google Zoo wants everything to appear natural to the reader so just keep that in mind and don't go overboard.


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Thanks for sharing the useful information..
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It is important to use link redirects (which makes the links shorter/cleaner), this if often confused with link cloaking, which is used to spoof users and usually steal their information.

If your site is Wordpress, I highly recommend the plugin Pretty Link which makes it easy to clean up your links, nofollow the affiliate links and track clicks.
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I like to have links open in a new window because it keeps them on my page whilst they go explore the new website rather than the new website taking over from mines.
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for myself I don't worry about opening links in a new window if it is an affiliate link where I would be making commission. I also don't really worry about it otherwise because I figure if the visitor is going to leave my site it isn't going to mater if they are open in a new page or not, I also think people think you have more clout and know what your doing if you are on another site and just have to hit the back button to go back to your site. I also haven't payed too much attention to cloaking links maybe it is because I always get the already cloaked links from whoever I am an affiliate for but I do know that once in a while a link is long and really goofy looking ant those are the ones I look into.
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