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Ways of getting your site Indexed?

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Ways of getting your site Indexed?

Hi just looking at the overview of the 90 day course here. Instead of actually approaching somebody to link to me initially to get the indexing of my site happening, wouldn't submitting my site to online directories and writing a few articles and submitting them to say, article alley, etc. and have a link pointing back to my site do the same thing?

According to anything I've read prior to joining Affilorama, this is one way to get that done. Any comments would be appreciated! Thanx for your time, Davin
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Yes that is a good idea.

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Absolutely, these are all things you can do, and they're all things you SHOULD be doing once you're ready.

My point in the 90 day roadmap was that you don't need to do anything particularly clever to get yourself indexed by the search engines. Just one link to the outside world, just in order to get noticed. The second point was that you should be getting this done as soon as you possibly can -- which will often be before you're really ready to start submitting to directories or writing articles.

But by all means, if you're ready for that other stuff, do it!

- Mark
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I just posted a surefire way to get indexed - use Google's tool! They'll even give you reports on when you were indexed last.

I posted it in the another thread:

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And once you get one site indexed, its easy to get the rest of your sites indexed, especially if the first one has a decent PR. Simply add a link ad wait until the new site is picked up. Voila :)
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