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Using the right number of keywords on a page

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Using the right number of keywords on a page

We can't tell a correct number that is the "right" number of keywords on a page, for the most part since that is the wrong approach to consider keyword optimization.

There's no keyword density you ought to go for - indeed, utilizing a keyword too many times can result in penalization due to "keyword stuffing." Just remember the user in mind, and just utilize keywords when you have to. You'll discover enough common chances to incorporate keywords that you won't need to worry about reaching an arbitrary number.
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One has to keep in mind the competition keywords induce among content writers. Sometimes even the right number of keywords may not suffice too. In such cases keyword research has to be done with the help of experts in the field. It may not be a wrong idea to outsource such work.
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Having quality, relevant content is more important than ever to be successful at SEO.In order to be relevant, it is important to know and properly target the keywords you are trying to rank for with each page of content.

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In my view, each page has 1-2 keyword(s) and the relevant content is the most importan. The length of content dont determine whehter this content is high quality or not. I read some researched posts and realized that the time on each post will be important.

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In my opinion, I think it would depend on the amount of word being used in a content. For me, I follow the 1-2 relevant keywords per 500 word article and so far everything working out well...:)
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Hello Mate,
If we use our keyword many times Google may treat your page as keyword spamming and will lead to an over optimization penalty. There is no ideal or exact percentage for better ranking but 1-3% usage of keywords within the page get good results.
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In my thought, 2-3 unique and qualityful keyword is enough. Another matter is it's depend's on how many words are used in a content. Thanks
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Choosing keywords is a vital period while in the SEO process. Come up with 5 to 6 major keywords for a unique web page. Targeting keywords should really be highly relevant to site content. Happy working
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It will be nice if there are 2-3 keywords will be on the one page
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Hello carolinemurphy,

You shouldn't just target 1 keyword, regardless of the possibility that you have a little spending plan or imagine that 1 keyword covers everything that you do or offer. This is an error in light of the fact that unless it's a profoundly looked for keyword, and on the off chance that it is then the opposition to rank well for it will be savage and getting your site in the top positions for it exceptionally troublesome, then positioning for that 1 keyword won't pull in enough guests to your site.

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Come up with 5 to 6 main keywords for a particular web page

Title : Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword | Brand Name, and not more that 70 characters

Description : Use primary keyword or secondary keyword or both at-least once and not more than 160 characters

Tip : Targeting keywords should be relevant to page content.
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Keyword optimization is important to rank your keyword. But to optimize your keyword their relative content must. If you have evergreen quality content and you optimize your keywords with your content then this is more helpful to getting rank for your web page and website.
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