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Using an old domain to build my new site

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Using an old domain to build my new site

I'm following along with the program at AffiloBlueprint 2.0 and have a question.
I am building a site and own an old domain on the same topic. I'd like to use that domain to build my site because it is already aged, and has some backlinks to it. The problem is - that domain has duplicated content on it. Of course I will replace that contant with original quality content, but will google rank me well after that? ot will it "remember" the fact that I had duplicated content previously?
Bottom line - should I use this domain for my new project or not?

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What does Google actually think of your old domain at the moment?
Have a look in your Google webmaster tools - does it mention duplicate content in the "content analysis"?
Is your old site in Google's index?
Does it rank well for any terms (especially the site name without the www)?

If it's in the index and ranks for some of your terms and the content analysis looks ok then you will probably be fine.
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From my experience:
Old aged domains perform way better.

Few things to check before as mentioned before

What does the google search for www.domainame.com brings up in results. Go through the results and see if there is anything wrong.

Is it a possibility that you can retain the old url's and content somewhere? I dont think Google like sites that completely change overnight. You might have to use some 302's in htaccess for the already indexed content.

What links does it has? are they coming from bad neighbourhood's or good.

Hope that helps
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duplicate content can be an issue but its generally easily dealt to. one way is just by adding noindex metatags on the duplicate pages, or even using the new canonical tag to indicate the main document for some content on your site

the other thing i would check with your backlinks is that (preferably!) theyre from sites related to your niche. good to see youre taking this sort of stuff into consideration!

@sonitin - love the stamp saying :) definitely relates well to affiliate marketing
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