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URL Length

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URL Length

Is there any ‘optimal’ length that you can recommend for the page URL and the title?
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I try to keep the length of the domain name as short as possible. I usually find a two or three word KEYWORD that is appropriate for the site I am planning on creating.

As per exact limitation on characters requirements - I am not aware of any. However, the shorter the better. I work diligently to choose a name with 25 or less characters.

I have found that domain names that are also keywords are easier to rank without a great number of back links. This is not always the case, but it has benefitted my sites more often than it has had neutral affects on establishing a page rank.
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The shorter the better for SEO and also, remember that the URL is going to be showing in the search results, so if it is short and readable it just looks cleaner.
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A shorter and specific URL is better so that it will be easy to recall. Having a short or long URL does not affect your rankings. And besides,shorter URLs are easy to distribute and remember.
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