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Twitter Tools that repost stuff?

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Twitter Tools that repost stuff?

Is there a twitter tool that will tweet stuff every few minutes hours? I would like to send tweets once an hour on a whole range of stuff. i am hoping to enter in a bunch of articles, links whatever into a QUE...that will be dripped out over time.

Know what I mean?

I am looking for something that tweets a variety of stuff over and over every hour or at whatever interval I set it!
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You might want to try Twuffer. It lets you create a list of "future tweets" and then set a time and date when each would be released. Smashing Magazine has a great list of Twitter apps and tools.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I never heard about this type tool if any one know please share with us.
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You can try hootsuite, socialoomph and Tweetsguru where you will have an option for schedule tweets. You can set unlimited tweets whenever you want. Just set the times for the tweets and they will be posted on time.
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