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Traffic Travis SEO Analysis - not impressed with the #1 site

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Traffic Travis SEO Analysis - not impressed with the #1 site


I am a little confused.

I used the tool to look up the term "weight loss" in the UK.

The page which is at no.1 in Google has less impressive seo optimisation than the site in 15th in every way.

The sites are 1, weightlossforgood.co.uk, 15, http://www.lookcut.com

How therefore can it rank higher?


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for one thing the URL has the keyword in it... that goes a long way, I'm suprised Mark never mentioned that.....
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Also when using google.co.uk to search, domains using the extension .co.uk will rank higher (more easier) than .com's on it. (if using a .com and want to target the UK you want to login into google webmaster as they have a setting (once you verify a domain) which country you want to target and this will help you rank higher in that specific google site. e.g google.com.au, google.co.nz, or google.co.uk or Worldwide.

Like the above member mention "thenewb" said about having the keyword in the url does help alot. As long as the main exact term in some where in the url, its going to help for seo purposes for targeting that exact term "Weight loss". E.g weightlosstips.com or weightlossadvice.com, weightlossinfo.com, weightlossideas.com
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I just noticed that the site is there since 2004 as well. This helps. I guess it has a lot of backlinks as well.

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