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Traffic Travis' Daily Backlinks Limit

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Traffic Travis' Daily Backlinks Limit

We have limited users' backlinks queries count to 1000 queries per IP per day. Hence, using a proxy service for a user with more than 5 projects, with each project having more than 50 pages and more than 18 keywords is highly recommended.

Below is a detailed explanation from our developers on how backlink queries of each Traffic Travis tools is being computed.

Traffic Travis basically performs two backlink queries for each URL. Example, if you will get the backlinks of the website "traffictravis.com" and its pages, TT will perform the following queries:

traffictravis.com (1 query)
traffictravis.com/ (1 query)
traffictravis.com/blog (1 query)
traffictravis.com/blog/(1 query)
..and so on..

Traffic Travis performs backlink queries through the following tools:

1. SEO > Competition tool

If you analyze 1 keyword with "Top 10" results selected in the SEO > Competition tool, Traffic Travis will perform two queries per URL (one with slash and another one without slash). This will create a total of 20 backlink queries per keyword.

If you analyze 1 keyword with "Top 20" results, Traffic Travis will perform a total of create a total of 40 backlink queries.

Note that these queries are based on a single keyword only, the total number of queries will still be based on the total number of keywords that you will analyze using this tool within a day.

If we are to apply the 1000 queries per day, the total number of keywords that can be researched using the SEO Competition tool if no other queries were made in other TT tools are the following:

A) Top 10 results:
1000 limit / 20 queries per keyword = 50 keyword per day when "Top 10 results" is selected.

B) Top 20 results:
1000 limit / 40 queries per keyword = 25 keyword per day when "Top 20 results" is selected.

2. SEO > Backlinks Tool

SEO Backlinks tool is another tool that generates backlink queries. The data from this tool is displayed in the Dashboard tab. The tool can analyze up to 500 URLs per day if no other backlink query from other tools is performed:

1000 limit / 2 query per URL (with slash and without slash) = 500 URLs per day

Tools or Sections that run on Auto update

3. My Site tab

In the MySite tab, there is also a Backlinks column for each URL of a website configured in Traffic Travis. A user can update 1000 URLs daily if no other backlink query from other tools is performed. This applies to ALL PROJECTS configured in Traffic Travis.

Example, Traffic Travis can update up to the following number of projects assuming no other backlink query is performed in other tools:

10 projects with 100 URLs each (Total: 1000)


2 projects with 500 URLs each (Total: 1000)

..and so on.

4. Dashboard tab backlinks

Traffic Travis also performs one query for each project in the Dashboard. Traffic Travis can analyze up to 1000 projects per day provided that no other queries were made by other tools.

How do all these work for a user that has 5 projects with each project having 50 URLs?

1) My Site tab will perform a total of 250 backlink queries (5 projects X 50 URL each); 750 queries left

2) Dashboard will perform 5 queries (one per project); 745 queries left

3) User did 5 searches in SEO > Backlinks tool generating 10 backlink queries (5 URLs X 2 queries each URL); 735 queries left

4) User now has 735 queries left for the SEO > Competition tool. He can either do the following:

A) With Top 10 results selected:

36 keyword searches (735/20 = 36 keywords)

B) With Top 20 results selected:

18 keyword searches (735/40 = 18 keywords)
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Pretty cool thanks !
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Bingo! Thanks for sharing useful tips regarding backlink.
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Internet Broadband Services
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Thanks sir providing such a great knowledge about how backlink queries of each Traffic Travis tools is being computed. Thanks again
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covering all points, and presenting it in a simple way...needs to be applauded- Congrats
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Ashok Sinha
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Interesting and informative post about back links topic. :D
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my question is:
1.- is this post still up to date?

2.- Why are we being restricted in backlinks querys? if i´m paying a proxy and i´m using my own internet bandwidht, WHY i´m i being restricted?

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Hi angelnewsletters,

1.- is this post still up to date?

>>> Yes, this post is still current. There has been no change to the daily backlinks limit of Traffic Travis.

2.- Why are we being restricted in backlinks querys? if i´m paying a proxy and i´m using my own internet bandwidht, WHY i´m i being restricted?

>>> I will have to confirm this with Traffic Travis support but the restriction is placed on all users so as not to put too much load on the Traffic Travis server.

I appreciate your patience and hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Thank you so much for sharing great post.Lots of useful info here. And of course, thank you for your effort!
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Thank-you. Makes it easier to know in advance of doing it, what the regs are so that I can focus a little more on prioritizing my list.
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This is something what i was searching for. There is a query in my mind that where it works in every niche of blog or not? Thanks
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