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to ping or not to ping

mark schaaf
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to ping or not to ping

I got an answer in this forum about pinging when i am trying to get a new bank link so it shows up faster so I started reading more about it and everything i see about pinging has to do with blogs. I kind of don't understand much about pinging and wonder if there is a good place of information about it. I read some stuff already and pinged my site and my squidoo lens but how do i ping something like a web directory that i just submitted to which was one of the answers I received from a forum member. thanks Mark
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Site Admin
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Pinging will help the search engines find your new content faster. There is a good blog post written by an Affilorama staff on pinging: Why You Should Ping Your Website and How to Do It!

I recommend the Affilorama Website Ping Tool. It is a ping service that is available to premium members.
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I ping new blog post.

I never ping back links, If I have a link on a page that Google never craws how valuable could it be?
I think it will look more natural to the Big G if it finds back links on it's own.
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JC Dean
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Try pingler.com, they have a free service that allows 5 pings per day or a paid service that allows more. And they have a Firefox plugin that allows you to just press a button and it pings the web page you are currently viewing to around 90 sites. This is hwo I ping my backlinks, very quick.

If you are using Wordpress then you can configure it to auto ping dozens of sites when you create /update pages and posts. Check Matt Carter's blog for info on this http://mattsmarketingblog.com/seo/get-i ... ogle-fast/. Affilorama may have a post on it too somewhere if you search

I do ping back links simply cos it makes the search engines count the links faster. Any back link is better than none
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