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Social Bookmarking Backlinks To Articles? or the WP Post?

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Social Bookmarking Backlinks To Articles? or the WP Post?

My head spins with different people telling me different things

When I write an article and submit it--- it gets accepted. It links to my long tail KW post in WordPress.
OK so when I go to Digg etc to I make the info link to the article or the post?

It seems to me I want the post and website to rank--- EZA rank is icing on the cake.

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Short answer - if they are really good articles that will add value to the reader then do both - do the Ezines on Digg and WP on Faves or Jumptags etc. If not then don't worry.

The thing to remember with social bookmarking is that it is not set up to promote your own stuff, it is set up to provide useful information to other people. If you stuff falls into that category, cool. But not all of your stuff will doesn't matter who you are.

A basic summary of the advice that I've got is that;
only 20% of the stuff that you bookmark should be your own.
Keep your bookmarking varied and
keep in mind the reader. Make the stuff that you bookmark interesting - if in doubt, don't bookmark it.

I'm sure that James will jump in here......
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I think my brother will say to link to both, but I still wouldn't mind hearing him speak himself ;)
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social bookmarking and article submission both are helpful for generate quality backlinks.
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hi Sue, it really depends. Many of the bookmarking sites have blacklisted EZA because of all the spammers, so you may not be able to book mark them. however, if you are allowed to, I wiould bookmark both, but not at the same time.
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