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Slapped by google

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Slapped by google

Hi All,

Im sure this is not the first time this issue would have come up on this forum but I would really appreciate some help from knowledgeable members here.

I have a website about a particular make of compound bow. The domain of the site is the name of the model itself. That term has 31000 monthly searches in google (broad). The model is called "Mathews Z7" (Mathews being the manufacturer and Z7 is the model number) My domain is www.mathewsz7.com

I built time site about 2 months ago. Put good content on it. I found some people on forums and had them do unbiased reviews about the bow on my site and put them up. I also put up as much decent information about it as possible. the site ranked in about 2 days on #13 right away because of the search term being in the domain name. 3-4 articles in AMA and it got to position 8-10 in about 2 weeks. About 10 ago, it shot right up to number 3 for the main keyphrase. My rankings for all the related KWs also shot up. Today though, when I checked my rankings all of them are gone....completely gone for all keywords. they're not even in the top 100 anymore.

ofcourse Ive been slapped. But why??? I know I must have done something against google's policies because of which they pushed me in the mud but how do I know what it was that I did wrong?? Does anyone know?

Im not panicking because this site was only earning me an average of $0.75 a day in adsense so its not like I lost a lot here. BUT I still want know what it was that got me slapped so I could avoid it for my other sites. Im still new to internet marketing so the 100+ daily visitors I was getting to this site was pretty much my first measurable achievement online so I thought I was beginning to get it figured out. But apparently not.

Can someone please help me understand where I may have gone wrong here?
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To me it looks like what's called the Google Dance, if you think you didn't do anything wrong, then you probably didn't. Your site is probably going to come back to the top after a couple days, maybe even higher than before.
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You'll know when you get sandboxed - that's the term for SEO penalies, slapped is for PPC.

Your site doesn't rank for MONTHS. I know how it feels, I've been there and I still have a few sites in the sandbox!
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nice information and really thankful to you for that.
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