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Should The Links On My Landing Page Be No Follow?

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Should The Links On My Landing Page Be No Follow?

should i use "no-follow tags" on the links on my landing page to avoid the duplicate content penalties?
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Hi Bevon,

The links on your landing page should be no follow as you do not want to pass on link juice to merchant sites or external sites you may be referring users to on the landing page. This is not to avoid duplicate content penalties. This is to avoid passing link juice or rank to other websites.

If you have links to related articles found in your site on your landing page then you do not have to make their links no follow.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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If by landing page you are referring to a squeeze page then yea I would. Especially if you plan on setting up multiple ulrs for split testing and things. Google doesn't like pages with short content and opt in forms and if if see a lot on your domain they could throw you in the sandbox.

I use a blog as the root on a lot of my domains and setup seperate no follow squeeze pages to build my list directly.
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